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Technical questions

Find below the materials on working with diagnostic systems, possible problems and ways to solve them. Select the section to learn more.

When you try to run the diagnostic software, nothing happens or you receive an error message

Software works, ECG device is connected to the computer, but it is impossible to start recording the ECG signal, because the software thinks that ECG device is not connected

The list of patients does not contain names, it is impossible to delete some patients, the entered names and dates of birth of patients are not remained

ECG device is discovered by the software, but when you click on the button "Start examination" nothing happens

The ECG signal from ECG device is received, but the recording of the ECG signal does not start or is interrupted during the registration process

Self-replacement of the electrode cable is a simple procedure

How to set up scaling of our applications on very large monitors

Software does not detects the connected ECG device
Software works, ECG device is connected to the computer, but it is impossible to start recording the ECG signal, because the software thinks that ECG device is not connected.
Check the connection of ECG device to your PC

USB-cable connecting ECG device and the computer should be no longer than 3 meters. Longer cables, as well as the use of various USB extension cords, can interfere with the correct operation of the device.

Check the operation of the USB port on your computer by connecting it to any known working USB-device, such as a USB-drive (so-called "flash drive"). If the computer has multiple USB ports, try to connect ECG device to different USB ports.
Check the ECG device

ECG device and connection cables must not have any visible damage. If the USB cable is damaged, you can replace it yourself with a similar one purchased in any computer store. If ECG device or cables of the electrodes are damaged, contact Dynamic Technologies or your local representative.

ECG device connected to the computer should be on steady green led, a blue led should not illuminate (only briefly blinking during the connection of ECG device to the computer). If both leds light, it indicates damage to the internal memory of ECG device static electricity. Usually this malfunction is fixed automatically and does not require any action from you. If the efficiency of ECG device will not be recovered, you should contact the technical support of Dynamic Technologies.
Check the ECG device driver

Make sure that ECG device is properly recognized by the operating system of your computer. To do this, open the Windows control Panel and start the device Manager from it (it is in the Hardware and Sound group). In device Manager, expand the USB Controllers group and verify that the USB Serial Converter device is listed.

Next, right-click on this item and select "Properties" in the menu that opens. The device properties window opens. Make sure that the "Device status" field says "Device is working fine", then switch to the "Driver" tab and make sure that the version of the installed driver is "" or greater.

If any of the above is untrue, it is recommended to reinstall the ECG device driver. To do this, open the Windows start menu, select "All programs", then the folder "Dynamic Technologies/<name of your complex>/Service Programs/Install device driver". You can also download the driver on our website in the Downloads section. Be sure that the ECG device is connected to your computer before installing the driver.