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Omega Xpert diagnostic complex consists of certified equipment of Dynamic Tehcnologies company (TU9442-001-50904116-2005) and additional software Omega Diagnostics. It is designed for a comprehensive examination of the functional state of the human body.

Omega Xpert complex is used in those industries where regular medical examination of employees engaged in hazardous production facilities or employees whose professional duties involve a risk to life (both their own and others) is required. The use of such a complex can significantly increase the professional reliability of the staff, reduce the risk of industrial injuries, and ensure confidence in the ability of the employee to perform their duties.

The use of the complex significantly increases the efficiency of pre-shift inspections. While formal medical indicators and the employee's state of health can be "normal", a diagnostic examination with the help of the Omega Xpert complex allows to quickly identify the true psychophysiological state of a person, as well as to determine the ability of his body to adapt quickly in extreme conditions.

The design of the complex is optimized for use in enterprises with a large number of employees. High productivity of the complex (up to 300 people per hour as standard) is provided by the use of an automated system for monitoring the physiological parameters of the employee without the participation of the operator of the complex. Built-in identification system, video monitoring, and visual monitoring of the employee allows you to exclude cases of fraud, where one employee intentionally passes the examination for another.

Diagnostic complex Omega Xpert allows you to effectively combine operational and long-term monitoring. The latter is extremely important, since it makes it possible to reliably establish whether the negative state of the employee was episodic, or it was the result of the use of alcohol, narcotic or psychotropic substances, or was a consequence of the disease.

Dynamic Technologies has a wide experience in development and production of the equipment which allows to carry out an objective assessment of a state of health of the personnel occupied on dangerous production facilities in real time. Among our clients are Leningrad, Smolensk, Kola, Balakovo and Novovoronezh nuclear power plants, October Railways, the centres of psycho-diagnostics of the police Department and the emergencies Ministry, the Academy of civil aviation, coal company Kuzbassrazrezugol.

In comparison with the existing technologies of pre-shift control, this equipment allows to obtain an objective assessment of the condition and significantly reduce the time spent on its implementation.

Constantly accumulating electronic database allows you to quickly record deviations in health status, which allows time to withdraw the employee from the responsible area. In addition, in the dynamic monitoring mode, the system allows to identify persons who use alcohol and drugs.

Unlike other diagnostic systems Omega Xpert consists of dozens of separate control terminal, each of which is a booth with a corresponding sensor control – ECG device, a breathalyzer, a blood pressure cuff, etc. Also in each cabin include a computer with control software and the screen, which displays information about the survey and instructions to the employee. In addition, each cabin is equipped with employee identification tools (smart card reader or fingerprint reader) and a video camera that takes pictures of the employee during the survey. This allows to avoid cases of falsification and fraud of the system, not allowing to be examined for another employee.

All control terminals are integrated into a single local Ethernet network and operate autonomously, without requiring the intervention of the administrator of the complex. Employees receive detailed instructions on the screen of the booth about their further actions on the results of the survey. The administrator of the diagnostic complex is located behind a separate workplace and performs supervisory functions, controlling the correctness of the examination results. The workplace of the administrator consists of a personal computer with the installed program Omega Diagnostics, any means of identification of the employee (smart card reader or fingerprint reader), a video camera, a conventional printer for printing reports and a specialized thermal printer for printing the employee's personal coupon with the result of the examination.

The database of employees can be stored both on the computer of the operator of the complex, and on another separate computer, which is accessed through a local Ethernet network. Each terminal and administrator workstation must have full access to this patient database over the local network. At the request of the customer, the diagnostic system can also send information about the examinations to the existing enterprise database of employees.
Application area
Industrial, mining, oil and gas enterprises:
  • pre-shift inspection of personnel employed at hazardous production facilities
  • identification of groups of people who use drugs, including in the course of their professional activities

Energy companies, nuclear power plants:
  • the selection of the personnel to operate with the formation of the individual data bank of clinical-physiological parameters
  • individual choice of optimal means of recovery in case of overwork and chronic overstrain

Road, air, railway companies:
  • control and prognosis of psychophysical condition of operators, dispatchers, pilots, drivers, drivers, and other persons in the conditions of nervous and emotional stress and monotonous work

Police, emergency services:
  • screening and diagnostics during medical examination of personnel
Warranty service is provided within 1 year of purchase in the company's technical center in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Free technical support is provided throughout the service life.
Free education
We offer all our customers training on working with the diagnostic complex. It can be provided in the company's office in St. Petersburg, or via Skype. Training is included in the price.
Omega Xpert complex is supplied as separate components, installation and adjustment of which is carried out by the customer. Installation of the complex can be made by specialists of Dynamic Technologies in accordance with the wishes of the customer.

The delivery time of the components of the complex is discussed during the order. The price includes Express delivery in Russia. Delivery to other countries can be done separately.
  • Scalable multi-level database within the local network
  • Automatic transfer of information about examinations conducted by the terminals to the existing database of employees
  • Quick database search on the local network
  • Smart card identification
  • Automatic software update (if you have access to the company's website)
  • Automatic backup and restore of outdated data
  • Import employee data from enterprise databases into the pre-shift control database
  • Possibility of connection to the operator's PC via USB-interface of additional equipment: tonometer, breathalyzer, etc.

  • Registration of ECG and calculation of indicators of the functional state of the employee by methods of variation analysis of heart rhythms
  • Pre-shift monitoring of employees without participation of the medical staff
  • Set up the duration of the employee examination
  • Transfer the results of the examination on the local network to the Central PC and adding to the database of pre-shift control
  • High throughput – up to 300 people per hour as standard
  • Determination of the presence of alcohol in the exhaled employee air
  • Determination of the employee's blood pressure using an automatic tonometer
  • Video monitoring of all stages of the examination to avoid cases of falsification of the survey results

  • Dynamic observation of changes in indicators of the functional state of employees
  • Evaluation of vegetative regulation parameters by methods of statistical and spectral analysis of heart rhythms
  • Assessment of central regulation parameters by methods of neurodynamic analysis of body biological rhythms
  • Assessment of psychoemotional state of the patient by means of phase analysis and biorhythm mapping
  • Assessment of biological age and adaptive capacity of the organism by fractal analysis
  • Formation of a comprehensive conclusion on the results of the examination

  • Settings for printing
  • Standard examination report
  • Selective report on patient's examination
  • Selective report for the group of patients
  • Automatic printing of the results on the thermal printer (if available)
Technical characteristics of ECG device
General characteristics
Minimum system requirements for operator's computer
Minimum system requirements for terminal
Complete Set
The main software
Service software
Additional materials
Software support
The software, that is included in the complex, is continuously improved and all users can receive free software updates for the entire period of operation. If the user's computer is connected to the Internet, the software independently monitors the appearance of updates, and, if permitted by the user, is updated automatically. If your Internet connection is limited or software updates are disabled, you can always check for the latest versions of the software on our website.