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Diagnostic complex LifeLine consists of certified equipment Dynamic Technologies (TU9442-001-50904116-2005) and additional software LifeLine, designed for a comprehensive study of the functional state of the human body.
Heart rate variability (HRV) analysis is a modern methodology and technology for studying and assessing the state of the regulatory systems of the body, in particular the functional state of various parts of the autonomic nervous system.

Heart rate variability is the variability in the duration of R-R intervals of successive heart cycles over certain periods of time, i.e. the severity of fluctuations in heart rate (HR) in relation to its average level.

The rhythm of the heart is the body's reaction to the various stimuli of the external and internal environment. Heart rate is an integrated indicator of the interaction of three factors regulating the heart rate: reflex sympathetic, reflex parasympathetic and humoral-metabolic-mediator environment.

Change of heart rhythm is a universal operative reaction of the whole organism in response to any influence of the external environment. To a certain extent, it characterizes the balance between the tone of the sympathetic and parasympathetic departments.

Currently, HRV determination is recognized as the most informative non-invasive method of quantitative assessment of vegetative regulation of heart rate. It is believed that the decrease in HRV indicates a violation of vegetative control of cardiac activity and is unfavorable for the forecast. The highest rates of HRV are recorded in healthy young people, athletes, intermediate – in patients with various organic heart diseases, including ventricular arrhythmias, the lowest – in persons who have had episodes of ventricular fibrillation.

Diagnostic complex LifeLine is designed to assess the state of health and monitor the effectiveness of treatment, and is based primarily on the experience gained in our country, taking into account the latest achievements of foreign scientists.

The peculiarity of the diagnostic complex LifeLine is the ease and simplicity of its practical application. To work with the complex does not require special medical education. Following the detailed step-by-step instructions allows you to quickly obtain the results of the study in a convenient form.
Application area
LifeLine is indispensable for a daily health monitoring in outpatient treatment, when taking dietary supplements, when cleansing the body, fasting, manual, reflex and hirudotherapy.

Constant monitoring of the state of health is also necessary during various weight loss courses.

In the case of home physiotherapy devices, LifeLine allows not only to monitor the state of health, but also to choose the time, duration and frequency of exposure.

Application of the device is effective for continuous monitoring of health of professional athletes and those who regularly go to gyms and fitness centers. Regular examinations in this case make it possible to individually select the intensity and duration of physical activity.

If the measured physiological parameters of the user are in weak condition for a long time, the user is recommended to consult a doctor.

It is recommended to carry out examinations regularly, in calm conditions. After the survey is strongly recommended to note in the program LifeLine subjective physiological parameters – pain and well-being.
Warranty service is provided within 5 years of purchase in the company's technical center in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Free technical support is provided throughout the service life.
Free education
We offer all our customers training on working with the diagnostic complex. It can be provided in the company's office in St. Petersburg, or via Skype. Training is included in the price.
Delivery time – 3-5 days. The price includes Express delivery in Russia. Delivery to other countries can be done separately.
Unpacking the diagnostic complex Dynamic
Unpacking the one-channel diagnostic complex Dynamic.
  • Single-level local patient database
  • Breath control program for correction of functional state
  • Load testing mode, to assess the training of the patient
  • Ability to connect to the cloud service to synchronize examinations with the main complex
  • Automatic software updates

  • ECG registration in any of the standard leads

  • Dynamic observation
  • Comprehensive assessment of functional status
  • Evaluation of vegetative regulation parameters by methods of statistical and spectral analysis of heart rhythms
  • Evaluation of Central regulation parameters by methods of neurodynamic analysis of biological rhythms of the body
  • Assessment of psychoemotional condition of the patient the methods of the phase analysis, and mapping of biological rhythms
  • Assessment of biological age and adaptive capacity of the organism by fractal analysis
Technical characteristics of ECG device
General characteristics
Minimum system requirements
Complete Set
The main software
Service software
Additional materials
Software support
The software, that is included in the complex, is continuously improved and all users can receive free software updates for the entire period of operation. If the user's computer is connected to the Internet, the software independently monitors the appearance of updates, and, if permitted by the user, is updated automatically. If your Internet connection is limited or software updates are disabled, you can always check for the latest versions of the software on our website.