Dynamic Technologies

Diagnostic complex Omega.Sport (Omega-S)

Diagnostic complex Omega.Sport (Omega-S) for many years it was produced by Dynamic Technologies and was the leading product among all the complexes produced by the company. Currently, this complex is obsolete, and it is replaced by the latest diagnostic complex Omega Standard with the software Omega Diagnostics.


Omega.Sport supplied in several versions:
  • single-channel complex Omega.Sport (1 ECG device)
  • multi-channel complex Omega.Sport Xpress (7 ECG devices)
  • universal complex Omega.Sport PRO (7+1 ECG devices)
To maintain continuity, the new complexes of the line Omega can also be supplied in different versions: Omega Standard, Omega Express and Omega PRO.


  • Scalable multilevel database within the local network
  • Quick database search on the local network
  • Smart card identification (additional equipment is needed)
  • Automatic backup and restore of outdated data
  • Import of patients credentials
  • Selection of a profile for the scope of application use
  • Automatic software updates

  • ECG registration in any of the standard leads
  • Setting the duration of the examination

  • Dynamic observation
  • Evaluation of vegetative regulation parameters by methods of statistical and spectral analysis of heart rhythms
  • Assessment of central regulation parameters by methods of neurodynamic analysis of body biological rhythms
  • Assessment of psychoemotional state of the patient by means of phase analysis and biorhythm mapping
  • Assessment of biological age and adaptive capacity of the organism by fractal analysis
  • Formation of a comprehensive conclusion on the results of the examination

  • Standard examination report
  • Selective report on patient's examination
  • Selective report for the group of patients
  • Settings for printing