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Diagnostic complex Onix consists of certified equipment Dynamic Technologies (TU9442-001-50904116-2005) and additional software Onix, designed for a comprehensive study of the functional state of the human body.
Onix, as well as other products by Dynamic Technologies, is intended for an assessment of a patient's state of health and control of efficiency of treatment. However, it has its own unique features associated with the concepts of "dosha", "chakra", "meridians" and "human aura". All these concepts have analogues in Western medicine.

We calculated the parameters of the body's regulatory systems in the Lotus software and presented them in the Eastern interpretation in the Onix software.

Traditional Indian medicine operates with the concept of "chakras", which in the understanding of Hindu physicians are the points of intersection and "turbulence" of energy flows in the body, linking the nervous and endocrine systems. Chinese healers assumed that the human body is "permeated" with "meridians", on which the energy of individual organs is directed.

Modern methods of mathematical analysis allow us to identify and visualize the mysterious patterns in which the various organs of our body interact; and to answer the question of why the ill health of internal organs is really expressed in the pain of individual points on the skin; and why a nervous disorder can be triggered by internal pathology of the body.

What in Indian medicine is called "chakras" or in Chinese medicine – "meridians" is actually nothing but different ways to analyze the state of the most complex energy matrix, which is the human body.

Onix allows the practitioner not only to demonstrate the reaction of the body to the effects of drugs and medical procedures, but also to illustrate the processes taking place in the body in the form of the chakras or meridians as used in the practice of Oriental medicine.
Application area
Diagnostic complex Onix is indispensable for daily health monitoring when taking dietary supplements, cleansing the body, fasting, manual, reflex and hirudotherapy.

Constant monitoring of the state of health is also necessary during various weight loss courses. In the case of home physiotherapy devices, the complex Onix allows you to not only control the state of your health, but also to select the time, duration and frequency of exposure.

The Onix can also be used by representatives of pharmaceutical companies to show the efficacy of medicines, dietary supplements, and medical food. The possibility of operational study of the patient's health allows you to effectively select the right drugs, and patients are able to actually control the process of their treatment. This has a positive impact on the morale and psychological state of the subject and helps to increase confidence in the representatives of the pharmaceutical company.
Warranty service is provided within 5 years of purchase in the company's technical center in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Free technical support is provided throughout the service life.
Free education
We offer all our customers training on working with the diagnostic complex. It can be provided in the company's office in St. Petersburg, or via Skype. Training is included in the price.
Delivery time – 3-5 days. The price includes Express delivery in Russia. Delivery to other countries can be done separately.
Survey using the diagnostic complex Dynamic
The device Dynamic not only measures the rhythm of the heart, it clearly shows the work of the regulatory systems of the body. It also helps to identify patients who need a clinical examination, select a therapy and evaluate its effectiveness.
  • Ability to connect to the cloud service to synchronize examinations with the main complex
  • Single-level local patient database
  • Automatic software updates

  • ECG registration in any of the standard leads

  • Dynamic observation
  • Visual comparison of the results of two examinations of the same patient
  • Comprehensive assessment of functional status
  • Assessment of functional state in accordance with analytical models of Indian medicine – "chakra diagnostics"
  • Assessment of functional state in accordance with analytical models of Chinese medicine – "diagnosis by meridians"
  • Assessment of the general energy state of the organism – "aura"
  • Determination of the proportions of the "dosha" and the five elements with the help of questionnaires
  • Diet recommendations depending on the ratio of "dosha

  • A standard report for a single examination
  • A comparative report for 2 examinations
  • Sending reports by e-mail to patients
Technical characteristics of ECG device
General characteristics
Minimum system requirements
Complete Set
The main software
Compatible software
Service software
Additional materials
Software support
The software, that is included in the complex, is continuously improved and all users can receive free software updates for the entire period of operation. If the user's computer is connected to the Internet, the software independently monitors the appearance of updates, and, if permitted by the user, is updated automatically. If your Internet connection is limited or software updates are disabled, you can always check for the latest versions of the software on our website.