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Technical questions

Find below the materials on working with diagnostic systems, possible problems and ways to solve them. Select the section to learn more.

When you try to run the diagnostic software, nothing happens or you receive an error message

Software works, ECG device is connected to the computer, but it is impossible to start recording the ECG signal, because the software thinks that ECG device is not connected

The list of patients does not contain names, it is impossible to delete some patients, the entered names and dates of birth of patients are not remained

ECG device is discovered by the software, but when you click on the button "Start examination" nothing happens

The ECG signal from ECG device is received, but the recording of the ECG signal does not start or is interrupted during the registration process

Self-replacement of the electrode cable is a simple procedure

How to set up scaling of our applications on very large monitors

The software of the complex does not start
When you try to run the diagnostic software, nothing happens or you receive an error message.
Check your operation system version

The diagnostic software is designed to work only with Microsoft Windows 10 and older operating systems. Operation of the software on Apple computers is possible only with the use of the Boot Camp utility and MS Windows 10/11 OS boot. Running on a virtual operating system is not supported.
Reinstall the software

The software files may have been corrupted by some other program. The easiest way to fix this situation is to reinstall the software. No patient data will be affected. You can always download the latest versions of the software on the Downloads page.
Check your antivirus software

It is possible that the software of the diagnostic complex was blocked for any reason by the antivirus installed on your computer. This could be caused by a virus attack on your computer, as a result of which the files of the diagnostic complex software were infected with a virus, and subsequently blocked by an antivirus.

It is recommended that you thoroughly check your computer for viruses and then reinstall the diagnostic software. It is highly recommended to download the latest version of the software from our website again.