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universal multichannel system
Number of ECG devices
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Omega Xpress diagnostic complex consists of certified equipment of Dynamic Tehcnologies company (TU9442-001-50904116-2005) and additional software Omega Diagnostics. It is designed for a comprehensive examination of the functional state of the human body.

Complex Omega Xpress is a multi-channel system in the line of professional products Omega, which are designed for a comprehensive study of the functional state of the human body. The principle of operation is to register and send the patient's ECG to the computer where the data is processed and the indicators are calculated. The complex is used when it is necessary to simultaneously examine a group of patients, for example, a sports team.

The method is based on the patented technology of in-depth analysis of heart rate variability developed by Dynamic Tehcnologies company. When creating the system, long-term research in the field of electrocardiosignal processing was carried out, on the basis of which a number of highly informative indicators for assessing the state of the organism were developed.

Omega Xpress allows to assess the state of autonomic and neurohumoral regulation, adaptive capacity and psycho-emotional state, to calculate the biological age and to obtain a comprehensive assessment of the functional state at the time of examination, and with regular examinations to monitor the effectiveness of various therapies in a few minutes.

A minimum package of diagnostic complex Omega Xpress is comprised of 4 ECG units (channels). The number of channels can be increased up to 21.
Application area
Clinical hospitals, sanitary units, private clinics, health resorts

Functional diagnostics rooms on the basis of Omega hardware and software complex allow to monitor the health of patients, to evaluate the effectiveness of treatment, to identify patients that need additional clinical examination.

Sports clubs, Olympic reserve schools, sports and health clinics

Hardware and software complex Omega is used to control the level of adaptation of athletes to physical activity during the training process, as well as to assess the psycho-emotional state during the competition.

Fitness centers, yoga studios, spa, massage rooms

Health status diagnosis of clients before classes, regular monitoring to support training programs and wellness procedures.

First-aid spots of the industrial enterprises and institutions

Hardware and software complex Omega used in industries where a regular medical examination of employees engaged in hazardous production facilities is necessary.
Warranty service is provided within 5 years of purchase in the company's technical center in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Free technical support is provided throughout the service life.
Free education
We offer all our customers training on working with the diagnostic complex. It can be provided in the company's office in St. Petersburg, or via Skype. Training is included in the price.
Delivery time – 3-5 days. The price includes Express delivery in Russia. Delivery to other countries can be done separately.
  • Scalable multilevel database within the local network
  • Quick database search on the local network
  • Smart card identification (additional equipment is needed)
  • Automatic backup and restore of outdated data
  • Import of patients credentials
  • Selection of a profile for the scope of application use
  • Automatic software updates

  • ECG registration in any of the standard leads
  • Setting the duration of the examination
  • Possibility of simultaneous examination of several patients

  • Dynamic observation
  • Evaluation of vegetative regulation parameters by methods of statistical and spectral analysis of heart rhythms
  • Assessment of central regulation parameters by methods of neurodynamic analysis of body biological rhythms
  • Assessment of psychoemotional state of the patient by means of phase analysis and biorhythm mapping
  • Assessment of biological age and adaptive capacity of the organism by fractal analysis
  • Formation of a comprehensive conclusion on the results of the examination

  • Standard examination report
  • Selective report on patient's examination
  • Selective report for the group of patients
  • Settings for printing
Technical characteristics of ECG device
General characteristics
Minimum system requirements
Complete Set
The main software
Service software
Additional materials
Software support
The software, that is included in the complex, is continuously improved and all users can receive free software updates for the entire period of operation. If the user's computer is connected to the Internet, the software independently monitors the appearance of updates, and, if permitted by the user, is updated automatically. If your Internet connection is limited or software updates are disabled, you can always check for the latest versions of the software on our website.