Dynamic Technologies

Cloud service

In order to gather several diagnostic branch into a single system, Dynamic Technologies has developed a special technology: cloud service. Using this service, you can choose one diagnostic item in the primary course and others in secondary courses. Then all the examinations of secondary courses automatically reach the primary one.
Scheme of Cloud Service
To start using the cloud service you need first to purchase several diagnostic systems. Courses that you plan to use as secondary can be simpler than a course that you choose as a primary. For example, if you choose primary course Omega Standard, you can use Lotus, Onix or LifeLine as secondary ones. Also, you can use Lotus or Onix (but not LifeLine) and build your system with the same courses.

Also, you are getting from Dynamic Technologies two passwords: one for the primary course, and one for all secondary courses. Then you enter these passwords in the cloud service squares of your diagnostic systems. Please note that the password to the primary course must be entered straight in its own square and must not be used twice. The password to the secondary course must be entered in each square of your diagnostic courses, except the primary one.

After you set up secondary complexes, you can also fill in the field "Branch code". This can be any non-long sequence of characters, which will be a mark for all examinations made on this course. It can help the operator of the primary diagnostic course to understand in which branch an examination was conducted.

When you finally set up your system of courses, you will immediately be able to use the capabilities of the cloud service. As soon as a new diagnostic course will be finished in any secondary branch, it will be transferred to the diagnostic course that you have chosen as the primary one. If at the moment the primary diagnostic course is not assigned, or just not available, the diagnostics will be transferred to it as soon as possible.

Please note that the transmission of diagnostics through the cloud service is held by the Internet, so for the correct operation with your courses in the cloud service, you need to provide access to the Internet.