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psychoemotional state monitor

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The Monitor is designed to conduct psychological tests to determine psychoemotional state and abilities of a person.
The principle of operation of the device consists in the analysis of changes in the pulse rate during psychological testing.
The Monitor can be used for personal, home or commercial use by a wide range of users.
The Monitor can be used for children ages 10+ years, or for adults at any age.
The Monitor, combined with dedicated PC software, performs the following functional operations:
  • recording of a pulsogram with the simultaneous transfer of digital data to the user's PC via USB;
  • storage and analytical processing of information;
  • visual display and color interpretation of vital activity parameters on the displays of personal computers with the Windows OS using the pre-installed application.
Intended use of the Monitor:
  • express assessment of the psychoemotional state;
  • conducting psychological tests;
  • determination of the body's reaction to various methods of psychological influence.
Warranty service is provided within 5 years of purchase in the company's technical center in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Free technical support is provided throughout the service life.
Delivery time – 7-10 days. The price includes Express delivery in Russia. Delivery to other countries can be done separately.
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